5. Stu 2020.
15 871 Pregleda

#boxing #devinhaney #eddiehearn
Devin Haney and Eddie Hearn went to their social to talk a little bit about devin's fight with yuriorkis gamboa as eddie hearn asked devin what he thought about the lomachenko vs teofimo lopez fight as devin haney said that it was more loma and that lomachenko didnt throw punches for 7 rounds. As he also reacts to gervonta davis KO of Leo Santa Cruz and says that tank looked phenomenal"
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  • Loma did do nothing for 7 rounds and it cost him the fight.

    LR266LR266Prije 21 dan
  • Loma unless the price is right, is simply leftover food from TO Lopez dinner. Haney go forward not backwards Get the big fish tank and LOPEZ....

    rene greenerene greenePrije 22 dana
  • True though Loma didn't do anything for 7 rounds.

    Elpidio EspinozaElpidio EspinozaPrije 22 dana
  • Eddie Hearn is garbage...he managed to mess up Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder when both fighters were undefeated...Eddie Hearn is problem with boxing..this is why the UFC takes market share away from boxing...because Dana White gives the fans big fights when they matter💯💯💯

    Bahls DeepeBahls DeepePrije 22 dana
  • This young Buck got charisma for days. Probably the most of the young superstars (maybe except for Teo). He got more charisma than Tank, Ryan & Shakur.

    • Can’t keep distance while punching tho

      Juan LeyvaJuan LeyvaPrije 22 dana
  • Haney and Eddie sure do have good career relationship. Good luck to Haney

    Anelechukwu AmadiAnelechukwu AmadiPrije 22 dana
  • Haneys a good lad

    Roberto QuinteroRoberto QuinteroPrije 23 dana
  • Lopez is just lucky. He is the dumbest fighter around at the moment. Haney would beat lpoez with out trying. Lopez is just waaaay too dumb

    Greg FGreg FPrije 23 dana
  • Devin Haney vs Tank??? +

    Rocky MouaRocky MouaPrije 23 dana
  • Fight Loma

    Rocky MouaRocky MouaPrije 23 dana
  • Crazy ko by tank to a 122 pounder

    M GrandeM GrandePrije 23 dana
  • Devin only 21 give him time, Lopez was doing the same thing around his age then at 23 dethroned loma.

    Seth HunterSeth HunterPrije 23 dana
  • Loma is a great white privileged protected bum

    TBETBEPrije 23 dana
    • @la voix de la vérité La seule LOL loma the white hope ain't about that life only beats bums. He needs the white privileged to compete.

      TBETBEPrije 23 dana
    • Delusional 😂 he beat the shit out every black fighter he fought

      la voix de la vérité La seulela voix de la vérité La seulePrije 23 dana
    • All about race to you guys, skills pay the bills,

      Andy ElkingtonAndy ElkingtonPrije 23 dana
  • Davis and Santa Cruz, Haney and Gamboa who is the biggest cherry picker? age wise Gamboa could be Haney's father, he said that Davis looked phenomenal? he was getting beaten by a 122 pounder until the inevitable knock out came.

    John McQJohn McQPrije 23 dana
  • Santiago ... .... Devin remember that name "2 dis Ddayy " !!

    magic wandmagic wandPrije 24 dana
  • Thats the pound for pound number one nose in boxing 🥊

    RøSsRøSsPrije 24 dana
  • Lomachenko has options. Gamboa is old now what exactly you accomplish with the win? Nothing as usual.

    Hvac RouteHvac RoutePrije 24 dana
  • Haney can smell that victory.

    Thug NastyThug NastyPrije 24 dana
  • Let’s go Haney

    Trey DiorTrey DiorPrije 24 dana
  • The best at 135 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    J AbdullahJ AbdullahPrije 24 dana
    • Where??

      la voix de la vérité La seulela voix de la vérité La seulePrije 23 dana
  • 0:41

    William EdwardsWilliam EdwardsPrije 24 dana
  • email haney!

    BnS NoneBnS NonePrije 24 dana
  • Clown

    Royal BeyRoyal BeyPrije 24 dana
  • 0:29

    Roman LitvinenkoRoman LitvinenkoPrije 24 dana
  • Are these watches symbolic or a euphemism? Surely these fighters don't need the value of the watch.

    WestonG23WestonG23Prije 24 dana
  • Teofimo would kick Haney's ass and expose that fool

    Twsuf1Twsuf1Prije 24 dana
  • Paper Boi always talking! Stevie wonder wouldnt even want his sight back to watch this fight

    R KIDR KIDPrije 24 dana
  • Why does he look like a baby dinosaur?

    I'll take his head clean off.I'll take his head clean off.Prije 24 dana
    • Fucken dead

      Jaime HuertaJaime HuertaPrije 24 dana
  • Can someone say a name on haneys record that at least one persons heard of 😂😂devin haney the "taxi driver assassin"

    NABCNABCPrije 24 dana
    • Loma! Giving him the belt is a tko right?

      Speak Own_knitSpeak Own_knitPrije 23 dana
  • They seem really close you love to see it

    Jeremiah OJeremiah OPrije 24 dana
    • @Dr.perspectiveX 0 pp0. Bñbb! J JM w

      ld reyesld reyesPrije 24 dana
    • After canelo i think he is(becoming) the cashcow of dazn... so if you eddie you better be

      Dr.perspectiveXDr.perspectiveXPrije 24 dana
  • yea but lopez won getting his head bounced back so many times... I know he is a bit embarrassed. he never hit Loma like that.. ;)

    Car CarCar CarPrije 24 dana
  • Haney will win by ko.

    Tony GutierrezTony GutierrezPrije 24 dana
  • He’s the opest hype n over rated in my life

    luisporras Porrasluisporras PorrasPrije 24 dana
    • @Arsenal K how can a 3 division champ, fastest champ ever, 2 time gold medalist and best amateur ever be hype job? Keep it real

      la voix de la vérité La seulela voix de la vérité La seulePrije 23 dana
    • Lomachenko is the most overhyped fighter who was exposed twice by Salido and Teofimo.

      Arsenal KArsenal KPrije 23 dana
    • Do you even English bro

      dbro yawnerdbro yawnerPrije 24 dana
  • If Gamboa cared about defense this would be a dangerous fight for Haney.Haney by ko in the 9th

    Neil DavisNeil DavisPrije 24 dana
    • lmaaooooooo I bet this scrub doesn’t reply lmao Snac strong must mean midnight snac after you wake up from your sleep 😴

      Mr BoxingMr BoxingPrije 21 dan
    • hahahaha

      Cownelo AlvaroidsCownelo AlvaroidsPrije 21 dan
  • These fighters need to fight each other.They'll make millions win or lose!Always talking about wanting to fight the best but you can't fight on Twitter.Grow some balls!

    Neil DavisNeil DavisPrije 24 dana

    Fight Hub TVFight Hub TVPrije 24 dana
  • Devin stops Gamboa in 7 rounds

  • If only Loma had balls and took risks like Usyk did against Chisora.Usyk was going for the knockout and put him self in dangerous situations when he didn't have to.

    Neil DavisNeil DavisPrije 24 dana
    • @Neil Davis Ok thats fine, im just saying because you make it seem as if Loma just shelled up the entire fight.

      BoxingDialogueBoxingDialoguePrije 24 dana
    • @BoxingDialogue usyk was taking risks start to finish

      Neil DavisNeil DavisPrije 24 dana
    • He did take risks, just started too late.

      BoxingDialogueBoxingDialoguePrije 24 dana
  • Haney Hasn't Done Nothing His Whole Boxing Career

    Haters Have OpinionHaters Have OpinionPrije 24 dana
    • @Truth Teller 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Game BredGame BredPrije 22 dana
    • He will leave his mark..

      Truth TellerTruth TellerPrije 22 dana
    • @Abner Cordeiro 32 with over 400 fights broken shoulders lmmaoo was a wrap for Loma once he faced A level fighters

      Skan DolusSkan DolusPrije 22 dana
    • @Skan Dolus His 32 ?? what you on about ??

      Abner CordeiroAbner CordeiroPrije 22 dana
    • @Abner Cordeiro Loma was old and done lol teo just caught him at the right time

      Skan DolusSkan DolusPrije 22 dana
  • Haney Haney Haney

    24 Geezy24 GeezyPrije 24 dana