29. Lis 2020.
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#boxing #gervontadavis #leosantacruz
Gervonta Davis reacts to the teofimo lopez vs vasyl lomachenko fight as marcos villegas asks him if he felt that the fight showed that lomachenko was overated as he says that the media made lomachenko seem like he was a god. As Gervonta Davis talks his Leo Santa Cruz fight, why hes not looking for a KO and why he wants to show hes number #1 in the sport of boxing with a win over leo santa cruz
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    Fight Hub TVFight Hub TVPrije mjesec
    • he made loma look like a god by ducking him

      witness the hoaxwitness the hoaxPrije 6 dana
  • Tank vs Loma is a good match... same size. And I like them both. Don't like Teo, he's a good fighter but he shows off too much. Be nice to see him get his mouth shut.

    Mo'ManMo'ManPrije 29 dana
  • Humble dude

    Kwame ChikuyuKwame ChikuyuPrije 29 dana
  • Come on Tank, we want to see you and Lomachenko, get him Tank.

    Ruben LopezRuben LopezPrije mjesec
  • Mark my words Loma is gonna comeback even stronger and gonna get his belts. And I´m not a lopez or Davis hater, but I´m just more of a fan of Loma.

    Numero UnoNumero UnoPrije mjesec
    • Teo will whip his ass again, if Tank won't fight him, come on Tank fight Loma.

      Ruben LopezRuben LopezPrije mjesec
  • He will prove hes #1 by moving down from 135 to 130lbs to weight. Bully a 126lber moving up to 140lbs with no power and a cherry picked come forward style haha

    DuMaMayDuMaMayPrije mjesec
  • That white hype.

    DTRO454DTRO454Prije mjesec
  • I agree with the Loma comment. I been saying he was overrated.

    shallah777shallah777Prije mjesec
    • Loma vs Tank 2021.

      Ruben LopezRuben LopezPrije mjesec
  • teofimo is number one and they're making you look like your the best

    Mauro MartinezMauro MartinezPrije mjesec
  • Tank talks like Floyd reads...

    David VelazquezDavid VelazquezPrije mjesec
  • davis dont mention chenko's name invain bcoz he is god

    lazada shopeelazada shopeePrije mjesec
  • Black power🥊

    SSChicago73RDSSChicago73RDPrije mjesec
  • Ducked Loma for yrs. Now he's older than Lopez, he's been a pro longer than Lopez, and has more fights than Lopez. Yet he needs another fight???🤔🤔🧐

    John MitchellJohn MitchellPrije mjesec
  • Why does my boy Tank talk like he’s off that sherm?

    M GM GPrije mjesec
  • beating leo is his steps to be great , leo is part of his progression

    jahhladyjahhladyPrije mjesec
  • What?

    Petros LucciaPetros LucciaPrije mjesec
  • Tank got that lebron game 6 look in his eye ! Scary sight for leo ijs

    Bettylane FifteenDoubleOBettylane FifteenDoubleOPrije mjesec
  • How can show anyone your #1 when your fighting a cherry picker 😏?

    Mr_ IndigenousMr_ IndigenousPrije mjesec
  • Lost all respect for this channel and reporter who'er also promoting the narrative that Lopez beat the "overrated" Loma. Repeating a lie over and over till it sticks, ruining a man's life and career. Workers of iniquity, read what the bible says happens to them, if only Loma would cry out to God

    theFormidable1theFormidable1Prije mjesec
    • Man shut up

      Salvador GuntherrSalvador GuntherrPrije mjesec
  • Tank knocking Leo out by the 5th !!!!!! I like Leo but tank will show his greatness this fight 💯💪🏽🥊🥊

    Mr lil Hec NievesMr lil Hec NievesPrije mjesec
  • My biggest question is why he didn't fight Loma? Loma called him out 3 times. With no smoke from Tank camp, but the realistic view that came from someone close to Tank, said he wasn't ready for the likes of Loma. But now that Loma has been dethroned, maybe that fight will happen after this fight with Cruz. This is going to be a good fight, Cruz called him out, like Loma did, except this time he accepted.

    Anthony PaulAnthony PaulPrije mjesec
  • Nephew is maturing. He has a better attitude about the game. He has an attitude of gratitude. He's learnt how to appreciate.

    Chris BradleyChris BradleyPrije mjesec
  • Lopez can’t handle tank he don’t want the smoke

    Bubba WatsonBubba WatsonPrije mjesec
  • Shalom- Is it just me or does tank look natural and not look drained!

    mkingadifferncemkingadifferncePrije mjesec
  • He has to win his next fight first. Tomorrow we will see if he is up to the task.

    Eduardo Amezcua, EAEduardo Amezcua, EAPrije mjesec
  • Tank was sparing grown men when he was in high-school

    timothy btimothy bPrije mjesec
  • Tank is getting better at these interviews

    Wilton HenryWilton HenryPrije mjesec
  • 1:19 my entire life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    shah jamalshah jamalPrije mjesec
  • Trump put 10 racks on tank by stoppage damn

    gibememonigibememoniPrije mjesec
  • Teofimo will show tank the way around the ring.Tank aint ready for all that smoke.

    The PrinceThe PrincePrije mjesec
    • @The Prince Lmaoooo savage

      Salvador GuntherrSalvador GuntherrPrije mjesec
    • @Terry Wood I wont even respond to that because I can tell that you are just looking for conversation.You must be bored at home and are looking for a friend, in which case I suggest that you visit mocospce,tagged, or the lonely chats.

      The PrinceThe PrincePrije mjesec
    • Flat footed teo don't want that smoke

      Terry WoodTerry WoodPrije mjesec
  • Lololol

    Jonathan CanoJonathan CanoPrije mjesec
  • All the racists still talking as if Loma got 'Wildered'. He started late and lost on points. Simple.

    Mo'ManMo'ManPrije mjesec
  • He really looks dehydrated

    Roosevelt DavisRoosevelt DavisPrije mjesec
    • Shut Up

      Lor TLor TPrije mjesec
    • You don't know what dehydrated looks like

      Terry WoodTerry WoodPrije mjesec
  • I’m as short as Tank 😀

    Flubber LaneFlubber LanePrije mjesec
  • I like the fact that Tank spoke on not looking for the ko. Large sums of energy gets used gunning for the ko. Possibly leaving him gassed for the later rounds. Stick to intelligent boxing and allow the skills to do what they do. He has natural power. Land enough and the rest will take care of it self.

    SmellMeSmellMePrije mjesec
    • @Songs 4L are you really trying to diminish this man's ring IQ based off of how he talks? Man get tf out of here. Apparently you haven't been looking hard enough on how Tank studies his opponent on the fly. The way he can negate what someone likes to do best. Intelligence is the ability to adapt on the fly which he does very well. But yet you're concerned with how he talks smh. Be easy playa

      SmellMeSmellMePrije mjesec
    • @SmellMe been watching tank for 5 years or better...the way I see it he never had his iq tested until gamboa fight, I'm which gamboa had his way in a lot of the rounds in 2nd half of fight...before that it was all quick knockouts and hed never been in deep water. He cant even digest questions with any type of wit, just dont see him being able to digest a really tough fight/opponent when a lot more is on the line.

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
    • @Songs 4L have you been following Tank's career or do you pick and choose when to pay attention? I ask because you'd know he had ring IQ if you did. He at times disregards his ring IQ simply because he may not respect the power or skills of his opposition.

      SmellMeSmellMePrije mjesec
    • Stick to IQ? Maybe he does have some ring IQ, but I just don't see it, that's main reason I dont think hell ever have longevity as one of the elite guys. Similar to broner as far as career and status

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
  • Tank look like he on drugs

    Juan GachoJuan GachoPrije mjesec
  • This is not a ppv fight, just another robbery on TMT. This is more of a free fight. Until you have the reseme of a undesputed world champion, can you ask the public for ppv.

    Last name_ First name_Last name_ First name_Prije mjesec
  • "I think we will be fighting Loma by 2021 if not 2021 then for sure for sure 2022"

    The Mannn!!!The Mannn!!!Prije mjesec
    • Let's just make it 2023 when Loma is in an aged care facility lol

      MediTruthMediTruthPrije mjesec
  • Tank is a top tear level boxer i remember a young yuriorkis Gamboa. You can only say that a boxer is special when a 2 top tear boxer collide. If santa cruz can endure the best punch of tank he have a big chance of beating tank in the later rounds.

    Sam NabasoSam NabasoPrije mjesec
  • Mama said they was my magic shoes mama said they take me anywhere lol

    Jr DJr DPrije mjesec
    • Overratedchenko

      Ignacio DelgadoIgnacio DelgadoPrije mjesec
  • It's not even going to be a fight it's not even going past 8 rounds Leo is going to get thrashed

    Khalid MayesKhalid MayesPrije mjesec
  • Beating Leo doesn’t put you at #1 Tank, slow down grasshopper!

    Iserved 88Iserved 88Prije mjesec
  • Tank going to destroy the mexican

    • The black guy going to beat Santa Cruz for sure

      Alex GarciaAlex GarciaPrije mjesec
  • Tank has Coach Calvin in his corner for LIFE....... GTD has a very bright future especially with all of these Great Men in his Corner, Coach Calvin Ford created GTD, Floyd Mayweather is GTD’s Mentor, and Leonard Ellerbee is GTD’s Corner Man in the Ring plus Leonard Ellerbe handles all of GTD’s contractual agreements 💯✊🏽💯

    GaugezPupGaugezPupPrije mjesec
    • Great team for him but he not getting big fights until now

      RRPrije mjesec
  • Even tho he right, Tank lowkey didnt wanna step in there with Loma and nor did Floyd

    IronReef77IronReef77Prije mjesec
    • @Songs 4L you were one of the ones saying loma was gonna do that Lopez cut that noise 😴

      Edwin JavierEdwin JavierPrije mjesec
    • @Terry Wood he didnt want it neither..hes not lopez, hes actually loma size and not near as sharp as lopez, he dumb as a rock and loma would make this kid suffer strictly from the ring iq

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
    • You wrong tank asked for Loma 2 yrs ago floyd's the one who didn't get him the fight know what you're talking about before you speak

      Terry WoodTerry WoodPrije mjesec
  • Lmaaaaooo but u wanted to fight loma in 2022.looez Garcia and haney beat u lazy ur fighting nobody's far to long

    Jose HernandezJose HernandezPrije mjesec
    • hello hater lol

      Sleepy WonderSleepy WonderPrije mjesec
    • You’ll have excuses when tank knocks them out too

      Edwin JavierEdwin JavierPrije mjesec
  • Santa Cruz is easy pickings, no real power in his own (lesser) weight class, easy to hit, don't even try to make it look like it is even a contest, why isn't Davis fighting any real competition.

    John McQJohn McQPrije mjesec
  • Man you have to love Tank, but he's starting to sound a little slow. I hope TMT truly loves him and has him checked out. Him entertaining me isn't that important.

    MrVcherry72MrVcherry72Prije mjesec
    • @Jessie Robinson I hope your right.

      MrVcherry72MrVcherry72Prije mjesec
    • @Iserved 88 I hope your right.

      MrVcherry72MrVcherry72Prije mjesec
    • Sadly it’s just a Baltimore thing,actually a lot of young dudes in the city talk like Tank!

      Iserved 88Iserved 88Prije mjesec
    • He a shy kid he doesn't like to be in front of the media

      Jessie RobinsonJessie RobinsonPrije mjesec
  • He needs to beat lomo or teo

    Ultra MysticUltra MysticPrije mjesec
    • @Bubba Watson bruh he’s been ducking loma for years

      NightsPhenom712NightsPhenom712Prije mjesec
    • He beats both no problem

      Bubba WatsonBubba WatsonPrije mjesec
  • Tank’s not gonna get the recognition he deserves in a fight with Leo Santa Cruz. People are already talking about Leo’s thin frame.

    TurtleShell 8024TurtleShell 8024Prije mjesec
    • Tank vs Loma 2021.

      Ruben LopezRuben LopezPrije mjesec
    • @Rich Muttsmusic 🤣 That’s pretty funny.

      TurtleShell 8024TurtleShell 8024Prije mjesec
    • He won’t get the credit until he beats crawford , Floyd , Broner , wilder, Spence, then loses to fury in a close 12 round fight

      Rich MuttsmusicRich MuttsmusicPrije mjesec
    • Salvador Guntherr they fighting at 130. Dude moved up 4 pounds. It’s not that deep.

      Quentin CassellQuentin CassellPrije mjesec
    • @Salvador Guntherr Loma didn’t want the smoke And Tevin was clout chasin the whole time and didn’t take the fight that was offered to him and Tank would have killed Haney if they fought and I like Haney but he’s not ready for Tank yet and Ryan ain’t ready for him either like bro stop it neither one of them can beat tank... no fanboy shit just facts bro like you just can’t fight tank anyway like he literally has mostly everything from power to skill and defense his stats shows it 🤦🏾‍♂️ Tank can really be fuckin niggas up out here with a 95% knock out rate like come on bro stop it

      Smart TVSmart TVPrije mjesec
  • Never ever believe what the white media says they are always overhyping and desperate for a white hope been doing this since the beginning of boxing by flipping the narrative 🤣

    TBETBEPrije mjesec
    • @SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCH actually Canelo had more years as a pro when he fought Floyd then when Floyd did when he fought for his first title! remember Canelo turned pro at 17 so even if Canelo was 22 when he fought Floyd that means Canelo was already a pro for 5 years! It didnt take Floyd 5 years to fight a champ or become one so that point was very irrelevant

      2Stroke Tyson2Stroke TysonPrije mjesec
    • White hope? That statement some bitter hatin bs because white fighters are holding more belts than brothers in boxing right now. Try again hater

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
    • @SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCH what's wrong with Floyd knowing his fighter wasn't ready at the time? He saw Tank partying. Having money coming from nothing. He knew it was going to take discipline to beat Loma. Look how disciplined Leo was. Tank wasn't there at the time. Floyd needed Tank to grow and want to be great(disciplined)

      SmellMeSmellMePrije mjesec
    • @SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCH when it comes to one party having the upper hand on the financial end, it means everything! Tf you talking bout

      SmellMeSmellMePrije mjesec
    • @SmellMe floyd publicly curved loma saying they not in no rush for Loma fight n about davis being young like canelo wasn't 2 young when floyd picked him what was he 21 23 like tank was lol hypocrite

      SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
  • How can Tank prove himself #1 when he’s have been cherry picking several of his fights? He can’t be talk to talk when he can’t walk to walk. Business wise he’s up there when it comes to potential cash cow.

    Jackson NguyenJackson NguyenPrije mjesec
  • Tank is fully focused. This training camp really helped him mature alot. I believe he will be remembered as one of the greats when it's all said and done. A warrior.

    DKG BEATSDKG BEATSPrije mjesec
  • "You can't hit what's not there" Is it Saturday yet????!!!!

    CB 12CB 12Prije mjesec
  • What did he say?

    Jesus MoralesJesus MoralesPrije mjesec
    • U sck

      Basilio MontanoBasilio MontanoPrije 21 dan
    • He said u sck

      Basilio MontanoBasilio MontanoPrije mjesec
  • Nobody tried to make Loma look like a God. Loma did amazin things and made great achievements. Peoples labels were added on by others. Say what you want now that he's been outpointed by a bigger guy... but you guys ducked him for years.

    T MT MPrije mjesec
    • know what it really is lol. Think they're superior but we always been here and have more belts throughout all the boxing division as we speak. Bitter and delusional haters

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
    • Loma was never special

      Terry WoodTerry WoodPrije mjesec
  • If it was not you then who was it?. Leo will whack you come Sat nite..

    Lensus MetLensus MetPrije mjesec
  • Once he beat a top 5 at 135 everyone will say “move up and beat a 140 pounder lol.

    David SayimrightDavid SayimrightPrije mjesec
    • @Jamaican Mamba lol are you kidding ? Leo didn't beat a champion . He was gifted a belt by fighting a nobody for a vacant belt and he looked awful in that fight.. They're hyping davis up just like they did with broner. Feeding them small dudes who can't punch. Going into fights the favorite A side . Lopez isn't no hype job. Hes for real. Going in the underdog beating the p4p . Yess davis ducked loma and may other fighters at 130. C'mon dude. His last legitimate win was against pedraza . That's it lol

      Tierra CooperTierra CooperPrije 29 dana
    • @Tierra Cooper what real 130 you want him to fight and don’t say Lomachenko

      David SayimrightDavid SayimrightPrije mjesec
    • @Tierra Cooper What??? Ducked Loma?? You mean the way Loma ducked Haney? Tank moved up to the weight class Loma was in then he left. But it was ok for Tank to move up and fight Loma but not ok for Leo to move up and try to fight Tank? For the record Leo had a belt at 130 so he was fair game anyways.

      Jamaican MambaJamaican MambaPrije mjesec
    • Tank is making featherweights jump up weight class to fight him so that he could weight bully them. He won't even fight the real threats at 130. What makes you think he will face a power monster like lopez ? Davis ducked loma . Smh

      Tierra CooperTierra CooperPrije mjesec
    • He was ballooning up too much between fights and not living a fighters lifestyle. That was his issue not that he outgrew it he just wasn't being disciplined.

      Jamaican MambaJamaican MambaPrije mjesec
  • You and Mayweather helped add to the hype!! Trying to age his ass out! 🤣

    G1MainG1MainPrije mjesec
  • 👌🏿🚫

    Paid KillaPaid KillaPrije mjesec
  • You don't know how good they are until the face tough competition! Loma only had 15 fights so where was the experience they said he had against lopez

    ChristianChristianPrije mjesec
    • Garry Russell Jr, rigondeaox, Luke Campbell and Linares are high caliber fighters

      NightsPhenom712NightsPhenom712Prije mjesec
    • @Enrique Conde you missed the point

      Edwin JavierEdwin JavierPrije mjesec
    • Literally^

      Jose TrejoJose TrejoPrije mjesec
    • Loma is a double Olympic gold medalist with over 400 amateur fights and only handful of losses. Enormous experience in other words

      Enrique CondeEnrique CondePrije mjesec
  • Although I agree Lomas skill set is alot more fine and tuned. I do think if he fought tank and tank landed a really good power shot it would put him in a defensive position like against Lopez. Tank is the type to lose a fight in the gym during camp for starting camp huge af. He doesn't stay ready...he has weight loss camps not boxing camps.

    Luis RodriguezLuis RodriguezPrije mjesec
    • @Anthony Grosse Well we dont really know how good of a boxer Tank is yet. Let him fight top opposition and than we can judge. The fans are tired of the Era were fighters don’t fight the best and sit on fights.

      Rey HernandezRey HernandezPrije mjesec
    • Any one of u guys think loma is a better boxer then tank nvr boxed b4 ur mesmerized with a pivot. That shit u learn on week 4-8 in the gym.

      Anthony GrosseAnthony GrossePrije mjesec
  • Boxing is about money.. there not gonna let the best fight the best until later because those are big money fights

    T CopelandT CopelandPrije mjesec
    • Boxing is about honor, respect, and integrity. The mayweather effect brainwashed half of the ignorant fan base or casuals to believe that.

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
  • Tank has been saying he would stop Loma for years. Floyd didn’t make the fight because Arum wouldn’t have agreed without Loma being the A Side, which doesn’t work when you’re TMT building a star.

    Ron MillerRon MillerPrije mjesec
    • People keep talking about Loma getting pegged by Linares, but they still haven't really seen his chin tested. Floyd knows if he can take Tanks best shots, Loma wins.

      Mo'ManMo'ManPrije 29 dana
    • @Paid Killa

      Ron MillerRon MillerPrije mjesec
    • @Paid Killa

      Ron MillerRon MillerPrije mjesec

      Paid KillaPaid KillaPrije mjesec
  • Tank you keep saying your number 1, and your team say you are the superstar of boxing, so please fight a contender worthy of the titles you and your promotion team give you...please...any of the top 5 will do

    sensisensiPrije mjesec
    • Please fight Loma, it has to happen.

      Ruben LopezRuben LopezPrije mjesec
    • @cowboy 1605 same Floyd that said no 2 loma vs tank? Lol

      SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
  • Gervonta " witness protection " davis

    Pedro MagallanesPedro MagallanesPrije mjesec
    • Canelos the real witness protection champ

      Edwin JavierEdwin JavierPrije mjesec
  • Cnt wait til he beat everyone an yall shut up....if yall think he cnt beat all these fighters in his division 130 135...yall crazy...he had to mature first not get caught up in the lifestyle an take tha L like my man AB...he won title at 22 an was getting paid...he never experienced tha type of money an lifestyle....lead to missing weight... before he was champ never missed weight...let this young man be to make a black man feel like he aint did enough

    stephen powellstephen powellPrije mjesec
    • @Trendy Earphones tha gud fight I also think leo faught a gud fight

      stephen powellstephen powellPrije mjesec
    • Víctor Pasillas vs Tank that’s a real match up

      Trendy EarphonesTrendy EarphonesPrije mjesec
    • So jose pedraza...was never knocked dwn an never beating tha wasn't his first test to win the belt or we forgot they had him losing in predictions

      stephen powellstephen powellPrije mjesec
    • @Trendy Earphones Cruz was his best oppenent and wasnt a slouch or Ko'd so what else u have to say

      Lor TLor TPrije mjesec
    • @Trendy Earphones thank you

      Robert CahoonRobert CahoonPrije mjesec
  • game face on 2days away

    Ira FielderIra FielderPrije mjesec
  • Even if tank win he ain't close to being pound 4 pound ranked..

    drago pdrago pPrije mjesec
    • @d Bowes hes not hating on tank just speaking facts

      Alex GarciaAlex GarciaPrije mjesec
    • Say what you want Loma da cab driver can drive leo to the hospital when tank done beating him hahaha

      d Bowesd BowesPrije mjesec
  • Can't be #1 @135 beating a 126 fighter until lopez vacates hes #1

    SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
    • @Alejandro Arreguin so did pacquiao

      Edwin JavierEdwin JavierPrije mjesec
    • Unfortanetly in this modern boxing everybody is going to forget Leo is a smaller fighter and give Tank the full credit. We got a bunch of idiot boxing fans who get played

      Alex GarciaAlex GarciaPrije mjesec
    • @Sean P. When had he ever fought @126 first weight belt was @130 stop thinking u can easily look it up

      SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
    • Leo came from. 118

      Alejandro ArreguinAlejandro ArreguinPrije mjesec
  • Why is he even mentioning Loma? Floyd straight up said he wouldn't make this clown fight Loma. Fact is he couldn't destroy a one legged Gamboa Loma would still beat that ass. All this talk while Loma fought an actual legit LW not a feather fisted FW. Besides Davis only concern should be making weight.

    Jonny TobogganJonny TobogganPrije mjesec
    • @Jefferarri Caesar in the amount of fights Loma has had as a pro who has accomplished more than him in under 20 fights? I'll wait.

      Jonny TobogganJonny TobogganPrije mjesec
    • You guys dont know the skills or the opposition level of the guys Loma just listening to what ESPN and Top Rank was saying...You sae whatLoma did when Lopez was whooping that ass....HE HEAD BUTTED LOPEZ intentionally 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      Jefferarri CaesarJefferarri CaesarPrije mjesec
    • @Maurice Torrence because 2L Loma still has done much more than Tank in about half the fights and actually fights top fighters in his division, not chasing smaller men like Davis with LSC.

      Jonny TobogganJonny TobogganPrije mjesec
    • Why you still talking bout 2L loma

      Maurice TorrenceMaurice TorrencePrije mjesec

    Matt TreezMatt TreezPrije mjesec

      Matt TreezMatt TreezPrije mjesec
    • @Matt Treez did you see that fight....body shots set that hook up... We was right!!!

      mkingadifferncemkingadifferncePrije mjesec
    • @Matt Treez right!

      mkingadifferncemkingadifferncePrije mjesec
    • @XMB45 fuckin weird ass emotion kids bro...

      Daniel NolascoDaniel NolascoPrije mjesec
    • @XMB45 This is just good conversation. I believe it's going to be a good fight.

      mkingadifferncemkingadifferncePrije mjesec
  • You n ur promoter made it look like he was god or w.e when u publicly avoided him saying ya weren't ready 4 Loma/going different path

    SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
    • @Quentin Cassell no shit goof ball bck before lopez stepped up unlike tank

      SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
    • SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCH what’s your point. Lomo just lost

      Quentin CassellQuentin CassellPrije mjesec
    • @Quentin Cassell "we in no rush for Loma" -floyd mayweather jr. 💯 sorry flomo

      SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
    • @Khalid Mayes "we in no rush for Loma" -floyd mayweather jr. 💯

      SMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHSMOK3 SOM3 B1TCHPrije mjesec
    • @Quentin Cassell 💯

      Khalid MayesKhalid MayesPrije mjesec
  • Why didn’t you fight him then... ? 🙄

    spurs6661spurs6661Prije mjesec
    • @Khalid Mayes Watch the video on my channel casual Tank literally refused the fight everytime they tried to make it. Even floyd said wouldnt take the fight. Tank even went as far as to say Floyd was trying to "set him up to lose" by having him fight Loma lol that shows u he thought he would lose

      LS SLS SPrije 20 dana
    • @spurs6661 Loma never sold enough tickets or brought in enough viewership to be the A side.

      Ron MillerRon MillerPrije mjesec
    • @spurs6661 We'll see👽

      CB 12CB 12Prije mjesec
    • @CB 12 🙄

      spurs6661spurs6661Prije mjesec
    • @boxingspecialist40 if both fighters wanted it, it would of happened!

      spurs6661spurs6661Prije mjesec
  • Him and Haney talking about loma when none of them stepped up sometimes it’s just better to be quiet

    eli lowpezeli lowpezPrije mjesec
    • And they both under the influence of cherry pick em when they dried up Mayweather

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
    • Exactly. Excuses excuses, if a fighter wants a fight bad enough, it will happen, period.

      Songs 4LSongs 4LPrije mjesec
    • @Timothy Brown here we go again making it about skin. Only in your brainwashed head boy

      Alex GarciaAlex GarciaPrije mjesec
    • Haney wanted to man

      G1MainG1MainPrije mjesec
    • On the contrary homochenko gave up his legitimate belt so he didn't have to fight haney. He ducked haney not the other way around. I'm sick of you people poking holes in every black fighters game. Get over yourselves please.

      Timothy BrownTimothy BrownPrije mjesec
  • Tank is delusional as hell... This man ducked Lomachenko for three years and wants to prove no 1 by beating Little Leo... Fight Haney.... Fight Lopez ffs fight Lomachenko

    Boxing GodBoxing GodPrije mjesec
    • @Lenny Lumsey your a Racist mate plain and simple , it’s sad you live your life looking for problems

      Scott WilliamsonScott WilliamsonPrije mjesec
    • @Lenny Lumsey put the Race Card back in the Deck. Stop tryin to make it what it aint

      T MT MPrije mjesec
    • @Lenny Lumsey nobody cares about pound for pound but casual fans and narrative creators. Fight the best and become the best. All the other stuff is irrelevant.

      Dewery JonesDewery JonesPrije mjesec
    • @Scott Williamson it is about race always has and always will name 1 black franchise champion why is there only 3 black fighters on the p4p list but every division in boxing has mainly black champions dont tell me it ain't about race y'all actually say monster and lomachenko is a better than errol spence and Terrance crawford GTFOH MATE

      Lenny LumseyLenny LumseyPrije mjesec
    • You're wrong!

      Timothy BrownTimothy BrownPrije mjesec
  • do yall think Tank is to hyped up?

    Randy GarzaRandy GarzaPrije mjesec
    • yup in his career there won't be 1 risky prime opponent!

      Stiff JabzzStiff JabzzPrije mjesec
    • @Internacional Boxing not tank and Simpson, hawkings fasholy overrated tho😭

      SmokeSmokePrije mjesec
    • @Lenny Lumsey tyson fury makes you bums look ordinary

      gibememonigibememoniPrije mjesec
    • Well see this weekend

      Jeff OrtizJeff OrtizPrije mjesec
    • @Hard4Jesus exactly

      Mike GlymphMike GlymphPrije mjesec
  • I was here first

    Reumel McIntoshReumel McIntoshPrije mjesec
    • Well done m8

      Paul FletchPaul FletchPrije mjesec