29. Lis 2020.
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Roy is big angry! As Roy Jones Jr goes off over his fight with mike tyson only being two minute rounds as he goes off and questions why that was put in place! And says that the women boxers do 2 minute rounds and him and tyson are not women so why the heck are they having two minute rounds.

Watch the Full Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Press Conference:
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  • Mike Tyson has no worry in the world against Roy and he knows it. Briggs wants him but instead he picked Roy. No balls

    Daniel Lobo1Daniel Lobo1Prije mjesec
  • why is he wearing a mask

    rex banyunrex banyunPrije mjesec
  • Roy in that war mentality already

    LinLinPrije mjesec
  • They did it so the round have more action, and they won’t gas out as quick

    Sahib SahotaSahib SahotaPrije mjesec
    • @Adam Eves the length of the round doesn’t affect brakes, the number of rounds does. Hopefully this analogy will help you think logically, you probably haven’t even stepped into the ring a day in your life and chat shit on HRworld comments

      Sahib SahotaSahib SahotaPrije mjesec
    • @Adam Eves a shorter round firstly shortens the duration of the fight, fighting 24 minutes is very different to fighting 36 and may lead to the fighters deploying a more explosive strategy. They will have more energy in each subsequent round because each round is shorter and they have to wait less time for a rest, this generally leads to more action as the fighters have more energy and are less likely to gas out. If you run at speed x and rest every 2 minutes for 24 minutes you will be able to do that easier than run at the same speed for 36 minutes and resting every 3 minutes. Meaning the performance output would be lower

      Sahib SahotaSahib SahotaPrije mjesec
    • Well said, but that last sentence wasn't necessary.

      ZotexZotexPrije mjesec
    • No. False, and also not a fact. Making a round shorter does NOT mean more action. It's literally the opposite. They did it for more frequent breaks for ads and analysis. So they could get into the deeper rounds more easily. The promoters did this, not the fighters. It has nothing to do with the fighters, and everything to do with money. Try to wrap your head around logic some day.

      Adam EvesAdam EvesPrije mjesec
  • This aint fair Two minute rounds plays into Tysons favour and screws over Roy

    cant be touched Hardycant be touched HardyPrije mjesec
  • Roy doesn't like it because he's true to the sport. Maybe they should turn it into a pillow fight we while they're at it.

    fight fan entrepreneurfight fan entrepreneurPrije mjesec
  • 2 min should be easy. Why roy bitching?

    HandzHandzPrije mjesec
    • @Adam Eves you look stupid trying to sound smart😂 You only need a brain to see that shorter rounds favour Tyson. Thinking shorter rounds favour Jones tell me you know nothing about them😂

      cant be touched Hardycant be touched HardyPrije mjesec
    • @Adam Eves use your brain, shorter rounds mean it will take longer for Tyson to exhaust himself, Mike tiring out is Roys best bet at winning. Dont be stupid

      cant be touched Hardycant be touched HardyPrije mjesec
    • @cant be touched Hardy Except, you're literally 100% wrong and said the exact opposite from the truth. Shorter rounds favor the fast fighter (Roy), where longer rounds favor the finisher (Tyson). How did you get all this so mixed and backwards? Try to wrap your head around some logic one of these days.

      Adam EvesAdam EvesPrije mjesec
    • Because it plays into an advantage for Tyson and screws him over

      cant be touched Hardycant be touched HardyPrije mjesec
  • Why Tyson wearing mask? Corona through TV screen

    Dav RauDav RauPrije mjesec
    • You don't know where he is. Why ask a dumb question in front of everyone?

      Adam EvesAdam EvesPrije mjesec

    Mini BunsMini BunsPrije mjesec
  • 2 minutes is stupid, if the fighters dont get what they want then they should just refuse to fight until they get the time limit that they want or just not fight at all... Cuz regardless of who wins both of them r still the same dude in everyone's eyes, so the fight doesnt even really matter cuz everyone already knows that its not prime vs prime anyways.

    Drew SkinnerDrew SkinnerPrije mjesec
  • Roy 'We not women' Jones Jr

    A TipsyA TipsyPrije mjesec
  • Waiting for the feminist to see this

    Senor GravSenor GravPrije mjesec
    • Well.. seeing as though professional female boxing rounds ARE actually 2 minute rounds.. I don't see what they'd have to say about it. But feminist are pretty moronic. So I'm sure they'll come up with something.

      Common SenseCommon SensePrije mjesec
    • These guys don't give a rats ass lol

      Bob LoblawBob LoblawPrije mjesec
    • @Strenghtbadger big facts

      Senor GravSenor GravPrije mjesec
    • If they cancel Roy i wouldn't be surprised, you cant say shit nowadays lol

      StrenghtbadgerStrenghtbadgerPrije mjesec
  • I guess they don’t want nobody to die of exhaustion

    jabbajerkeyz12553jabbajerkeyz12553Prije mjesec
    • @Senor Grav Lol

      Kace KayKace KayPrije mjesec
    • I think Roy is pissed because that benefits Mike a lot more 2 minutes is amateurish, a guy can just throw all his power very quickly and doesn't have to pay for it because the rounds end quick 3 minutes is a little tricky you have to really conserve energy and think about the next 3 minute round, I know ppl will say 1 minute is not that much but in a fight even 15 seconds is a lot of time imagine I said let me punch you in the stomach for 15 seconds straight you'd see very quickly it's not fun

      Moneyxl00Moneyxl00Prije mjesec
    • In 3 they’ll be be breathing harder than wheezy from toy story

      Senor GravSenor GravPrije mjesec